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Unequaled ServiceWe have over 15 years practical experience functioning together with the newest building technology.

Quickest Response MethodsLetting water sit even for just a few mins causes adequate damage don’t hesitate to call.

Finest QualityWe warranty our work in your home or dwelling and offer our guarantee.

Unmatched Customer ExperienceOur best attribute is our ability to guide our customers along the restoration process.


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Water Can Be a Destructive Force!

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"A1 Water Damage quoted me for some small work and won my bid.  They delivered a great finished product!"

Regina, RC

"Best craftsmanship I have seen in a really long time. I offered them to re-do my kitchen as well after I saw the work they did on my roof from a major rain."

Jessie, Ontario


Learn something new

Can you bill my insurance company directly?

Yes, we are able to. We’ll even go further and help together with the whole claims/adjustment procedure. Simply because you might have enough on your thoughts already without having to worry about insurance mediation.


Fire and smoke damage- do you manage that as well?

Yes we do- we manage pretty much any sort of disaster rebuilding and recovery. Fires, floods, hail, smoke, rebuilding… we repair and restore it all.


Mold… do you ensure mold will not develop soon after the water damage?

Yes, it really is part of our water damage restoration service. We sanitize and also use skilled strength agents to stop mold from forming.


I'm not certain if my insurance coverage covers this-can you come anyway?

Obviously we can. We will assess your harm, and we are able to likely lend you some expertise in to irrespective of whether insurance will cover it or not. Bottom line when you will need support, call us and we’ll enable you to refurbish your damaged home fast.


It can be such a mess… are you able to deal with any level of water harm?

Certainly we are able to. We are authorities on handling even the worst case of water harm, and cleaning/drying it to pristine, pre-damage situation.

We are located in the heart of Rancho Cucamonga

We can be at your house within minutes! We have been serving the Rancho Cucamonga community for the past 15 years!~